Rapidly Integrate ZigBee Smart Energy

RapidSE is a drop-in, automated ZigBee Smart Energy platform that allows OEMs
to leapfrog application development, save time and cost,
and deliver to multiple markets simultaneously.

A Complete Smart Energy Solution


Much more than just a radio or networking stack, RapidSE fully automates the ZigBee Smart Energy and Home Automation profiles, abstracting complex functionality to the straightforward RapidSE Serial Protocol. This modular approach allows device vendors to rapidly roll out ZigBee solutions today, while providing a painless transition to future versions of the standards, such as Smart Energy 2.0 and beyond.


RapidSE is built on years of development and experience with ZigBee applications, integration, and testing. Far beyond a reference design, RapidSE automatically adapts to real-world interoperability challenges with smart meters, gateways, third-party devices, and testing labs. Integrating RapidSE opens your product up to multiple markets at once. RapidSE is capable of interfacing with standard Smart Energy and Home Automation environments, but is also compatible with more advanced home networking solutions such as those from iControl™ and Control4™.

Services & Support

RapidSE's interoperability and ease of integration is backed by MMB Research's world-class support and engineering services. From supporting your own integration efforts, to developing protocol translations and value-added functionality, to designing customized hardware, MMB Research is able to offer a full range of support and services to accelerate your solution.

A Family of Products, Tools, and Services

The RapidSE family comprises a variety products and kits, providing both valuable development tools, and robust platforms for evaluating third-party devices. Click here to learn more about RapidSE products.

RapidSE Diagram Adaptability

RapidSE's flexible architecture can be as turnkey or adaptable as you need it to be. Simple devices can rely on RapidSE's extensive automation, while more complex devices can query RapidSE and trigger network actions. Developers starting from scratch can make use of the straightforward RapidSE Serial Protocol, or for products with existing communications, RapidSE can be adapted to speak your devices' existing protocol for a completely effortless integration.

RapidSE Development Kit